Top 10 Sex Date Sites


How to make an attractive profile ?

Stand out from the competition on dating sites by creating a good profile which catches the eye of your future date. First impressions last so make sure it is a good one! Here are some essential tips:

– Have a profile photo
This is the basis of a good profile. Without a sexy profile photo showing you and your personality, your chances of getting dates are almost nil. Don’t be shy, strike your best pose and put yourself out there !

– Give plenty of information
A person interested in your profile will want to identify with you before engaging in conversation. After registering on a dating site, make sure your profile says enough about you, otherwise you will find yourself answering the same basic questions again and again. The more complete your profile is, the more likely it is to generate interest from prospective partners.

– Be inspired by your rivals
There are many men and women who have mastered the game of online dating. Seek them out and look at their profiles to see what they do. Learn how they attract partners and apply their techniques to your profile to increase your own chances of success.

– Take the initiative and show your talent
Don’t hide away in a corner! Engaging in conversation with the people who interest you is the best way to meet people. Be polite, don’t be pushy or aggressive with other members and above all have fun! Seduction, whether on the Internet or elsewhere, should be a game and not a chore!

Should I register on several dating sites ?

All dating sites have their own unique communities and features. Our site is here to compare the best in the market and help you to choose the best one for you. Joining several sites will only increase your chances of success, but make sure to register on sites that meet your needs first!

Why do online dating sites charge?

Dating sites generally charge a membership fee for two reasons. First it ensures quality service. The sites we select meet very high standards in terms of quality of service, ease of use and user experience. Above all, charging a membership fee allows you to use their site without the nuisance of advertising. Second, nobody likes fake profiles and hoaxes. A paid service will ensure that most of the active members have serious intentions and are not there to frustrate users who really want to meet people.

How to get in contact with people ?

You have all the tools at your disposal to initiate conversation! All the sites we select have at least one internal messaging or live chat system, either by instant messaging, voice chat or webcam. Using the services of dating sites also helps protect the privacy of members and provide a certain degree of anonymity.

What are the pitfalls and how to avoid them?

Caution is always required when the contacting someone for the first time. You don’t know who is behind the screen and while the sites we select are rigorously moderated, it is still possible that a rogue individual (scammer, serial-lover or worse…) slips through the net. Make sure you know who you are dealing with and take sensible precautions when giving out personal information and meeting in person.

How are the sites ranked?

Each site appearing in our ranking has been rigorously evaluated by several testers who are experts in online dating. They subscribe to the site like any other single person and live the experience offered by each site in its entirety. After the test phase we conduct a rating according the following criteria. 

– Quality of service 
– Community quality 
– Effectiveness of the site and features 
– Customer service 

Sites that do not reach our level of requirement are systematically removed from the rankings to keep only the best 10.